We are an interdisciplinary postgraduate reading group at Cardiff University.  We meet every month, throughout the year, to read and discuss medieval and early modern texts. Our members come from a range of schools, including the School of English, Communication, and Philosophy, the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, the School of Modern Languages, and the School of Welsh. MA and PhD students from any school are always welcome to join us.

Our individual research interests inform our choice of readings, and one member of the group is responsible for leading the discussion at our monthly meetings. We read both literary and historical texts, from bestiaries to saints’ lives, sermons to dream visions, chronicles to romance. We also try to read and compare texts from a variety of different cultures, and English, French, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh texts are particularly popular with our members. Questions for discussion are posted to the blog in advance of our meetings.

We are affiliated with the Medieval and Early Modern Research Initative, based in the School of English, Communication, and Philosophy, which runs a regular research seminar series throughout the academic year.